Our Boys

Our Boys
Logan and Kyson

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Our Preschool Crafty Kid

So we had these ideas to do some Summer Boredom Busters, one is Preschool Crafty Kids (preschoolers come with a parent and do crafts and some songs and games), Movie Day, and Crafty Kids (crafts for older kids). Sheri has been helping me do the Preschool Crafty Kids and it is so cute. Last week was Old McDonald and this week was Bugs Everywhere. Here is a picture of Logan in his "Bumble Bee Hat" (that is what he is calling it and he runs all over with his finger pointed out in front of him saying BUZZZZZZZZ), and some bug magnets that he made. Thankfully we came up with this silly had at Logan's birthday, it came in handy today and oh so cute!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Kyson is growing like crazy

We've been slackers and haven't really posted anything. Kyson is a very happy baby and smiles all the time! He is a joy to have in our home (all 18 lbs of him)! Here's a video of his smiles:

Logan Loves the Prophets

We read "scriptures" every night (we tell him the stories as we look at pictures). Well Logan's new thing to everything is to ask "what's that?" Sheri was doing scriptures with him and past the prophets and he asked "what's that?" So she started to tell him the names, he repeated them and the next time I was shocked, he remembered almost every one. We just have taught him from President McKay to President Monson because the other President Smiths confuse and frustrate him...i.e. "thats not President Smith". Here's a little video to show you his prophets! Enjoy!

Friday, March 06, 2009

Logan found his daddy's hat, 
and wanted to be just like him. 
Isn't he adorable!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Week 1

We have had a great week here! We love having Kyson in our home, what a sweet little angel. He's sleeping better at night, which is great for mom and dad. Logan is still very sweet with him. He says "Don't cry baby" and gives him sweet kisses at night before bed. He likes to "share" his mom and it's a good thing that you can fit two on one lap!

This weekend we got some help from Sheri's family. Logan loved getting all of the extra attention. He played (term used usely, some might describe his playing as destruction) puzzle with Grandpa. He also played Mr. Fix-it with Grandpa. He kept Grandma hopping with all of his energy. He even got to play with his Uncles. The best part was Mom and Dad got some much needed rest and a long nap!

I love learning with Grandma!

Checking out the puzzle with Grandpa. When Logan woke up from his nap, he saw his own puzzle. He said "Share puzzle Grandpa"

Kyson taking a nap. What a sweet boy!

Playing with my Horsie from Aunt Karen. Thanks so much